What is an Altcoin?
What is an Altcoin?

You might have heard about Bitcoin, which is the king of cryptocurrency and the oldest one. It is also one of the valuable digital currency in the market. In contrast, Altcoins vaguely resembles Bitcoins and is matchless in their way. Many other cryptocurrencies provide benefits like no other.

With such a vast number of digital currencies available in the market, you might be thinking about which of them the best is. It is a fair question, but it isn’t easy to get a good answer. With alternative payment methods becoming popular with each passing year, taking a close look at the altcoins and making altcoin investment is one of the wisest approaches.

What is an Altcoin?

Well! There is no official altcoin definition available at the present moment. The community devised the term altcoin, and it refers to all other substitute cryptocurrencies depending on the Bitcoin Blockchain. It means altcoins were generated with the assistance of the source code of Bitcoin, which is open-source.

Altcoins are an alternative to cryptocurrencies that was launched after the success of Bitcoin. They portray themselves as a better substitute for Bitcoin. The emergence of Bitcoin as one of the peer to peer digital currency paved the way for many other digital currencies to follow. Most altcoins are trying to target all perceived drawbacks that a bitcoin has come up with some of the competitive advantages in new versions.

If you want to understand Altcoin better, the term Altcoin is a mix of both words Alt and Coin. Alt means alternative, and coin means cryptocurrency. Combined, they infer a category of cryptocurrency, which is one of the alternatives to the digital bitcoin currency.

Most of the altcoins are created depending on the simple structure offered by Bitcoin. This is why altcoins are peer-to-peer needs an altcoin mining process through which users can quickly solve the problematic issues for cracking blocks and offer safe and reasonable ways of doing the web transactions. But Altcoins with several overlapping features widely differ from each other.

Altcoins vs Bitcoins

We know that altcoin consist of the core code of Bitcoin, but they are different from each other in some ways. IF you want to know how Altcoin is unique, you are required to dive deep into the vast world of cryptocurrency. The first thing that you should know is the infrastructure that plays a significant role in the generation and maintenance of several altcoins.

The infrastructure utilized by the crypto wallets is not the same for every digital currency. So, when you want an altcoin to buy today, you have to download an app on your computer. This is called an altcoin wallet that helps you store altcoins and do altcoins trading whenever you want.

When you want to buy an Altcoin, you will require an Altcoin exchange platform, which is quite different from all other exchanges since it does not use fiat currencies such as USD or EUR.  When the matter is about security, each cryptocurrency has its method to protect against cyber-attacks and any unauthorized access.

Altcoins that are very much safe use encryption algorithms for sending and receiving coins. At the same time, some others choose private keys or passwords. No matter which method you have chosen, it is vital to know that your money security depends on the system that protects it. Therefore, all users need to undertake all precautionary measures while storing their digital coins in wallet or exchanges.

Finally, it is worth keeping a note that altcoins can be easily categorized based on their purpose. In simple words, they can be observed as a store of value or a medium of exchange.

Different categories of altcoins to invest in

Altcoins usually fall under several categories based on altcoin mining.

Stablecoin: Coins attached to an asset that already exists, like US dollar or a Euro. One of the best examples of this is the Facebook libra that is connected to USD. The main idea behind attachment to the already existing asset is reducing the altcoin price volatility, mainly seen with the bitcoin likes.

Altcoin miner coins: While you can buy altcoins like traditional currency, they can also be mined. In simple words, altcoin mining needs the user to make a valid transaction making sure of its authenticity and updating the Blockchain accordingly. The reward is cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the best example.

Security tokens: It is a type of investment contract that promises the consumer equity in a company profit sharing or sometimes voting rights. Thus, mainly they are linked to the business and are governed by the laws of security, which means there are several strict guidelines for buying and transferring the security tokens.

Utility tokens: Utility tokens offers a user access to any service. For instance, the owner of Filecoin can use the cryptocurrency to get access to the Filecoin network, a decentralized peer-to-peer network that stores all files online.

How are Altcoins created?

In simple terms, altcoin crypto is made by making use of the open-source code of Bitcoin.  While leading altcoins make use of the proof of work mining platform, some of the cryptocurrencies use the proof of stake algorithm. PoW is an algorithm that needs altcoin miners to solve all complicated math problems to earn some coins by processing transactions on the Blockchain. The PoW algorithm makes sure that only those who contribute to their computing power can do mining of the new blocks and then get a reward for it.

How altcoins works when you do Altcoin trading?

Altcoin never depends on banks, financial institutions, or intermediaries to transfer from one person to another. Instead, they depend on Blockchain technology which is one of the digital ledgers of cryptocurrency transactions. All details about the transactions are kept in the blocks that should be verified for making sure all transactions are legit.

Now the question comes how to obtain altcoin stock?

Like bitcoin, the altcoins also act as a currency and asset and need proper altcoin analysis. One of the easy ways to obtain them is by buying through an online exchange. There are at present more than 350 various exchanges on which altcoin trading is done. Some of the best exchanges are coinbase, Bittrex etc. You can also do trading with the help of digital payment options.

Altcoin price prediction is made by buyers as well as sellers who are doing transactions on exchanges. It is essential to do an Altcoin analysis or altcoin review, as the prices are highly volatile. You have to download a wallet on your computer to store all your altcoins. While selecting a wallet, make sure you give utmost attention to what cryptocurrencies it gives support to. It is also essential to know about the altcoin market cap before investing.


Before you invest in Altcoin, it is often recommended to carry out a good altcoin review so that you can easily avoid altcoin crash. In addition, you should consider several factors, including altcoin price and market volatility, that significantly impact the value of the cryptocurrency.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When will altcoins rise?

Altcoins will gain profit more than all other cryptocurrencies in the year 2021. Because of the increasing price of Bitcoin, the sector will open up for other coins. These cryptocurrencies will generate several surprises for all users. Altcoins are one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of 2021.

Are altcoins dead?

The future of Altcoin depends on the scope as well as the kind of project that lies behind it. Maximum privacy coins will become dead due to regulations. All scam coins will also become dead as they have to follow all regulations formed by the higher authorities in the coming future.

Will altcoin rise again?

When the bitcoin starts rising, the altcoins will also rise. This is because most of them, if not all, are correlated to the price of bitcoin.

Is altcoin trader safe?

Altcoin Trader is one of the safest and secure trading platforms constructed on some values like honesty and integrity. The exchange is Thawte certified. Altcoin traders can utilize the Altcoin trader platform to know that cryptocurrencies are safe and most secure.

What altcoins should I invest in?

Well! There is no detailed list of the best altcoins to invest in the year 2021; some of the top altcoins do some exciting things. You must do your research. The value of the investment can go down sometimes and up as well. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Never make the mistake of investing more amount of money than what you can afford.

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