What is Bitcoin?



Bitcoin is mostly known as a cryptocurrency or a digital currency. It is a kind of money that is purely virtual. It is best described as the online version of cash. You can utilize it for buying products and services, but several shops do not accept Bitcoin. Some countries have banned it completely.

Conversely, some companies are starting to buy bitcoin because of its increasing bitcoin stock value.

Before few months, PayPal announced that it would allow all its consumers to purchase and sell Bitcoin. Recently, bitcoin news is becoming more and more prevalent.

In the year 2009, Bitcoin was launched and is considered the first cryptocurrency. In simple terms, we can describe bitcoin as decentralized digital cash that removes standard mediators like governments and banks from making any financial transactions.

“Bitcoin is a techno tour de force.” – Bill Gates

How Bitcoin works?

A bitcoin is a kind of computer file stored in a digital wallet called a bitcoin wallet either on a computer or on a smartphone. The trading symbol of bitcoin is BTC, and sometimes XBT is also used.

If you want to know how a bitcoin works, then it helps you if you have a better understanding of terms and conditions.

  • Blockchain

    Bitcoin is driven by an open-source code called Blockchain that generates a shared public ledger. In every transaction, a block is attached to the code, thereby generating an eternal record of each transaction. Blockchain technology consists of more than 6000 cryptocurrencies that have been created with Bitcoins wake.

  • Private and public keys

    In a bitcoin wallet, a public key and a private key work combined to facilitate the user to start and do digital transactions to offer proof of authorization.

  • Bitcoin miners

    Miners, also called peer-to-peer platform members, individually confirm the transaction done by using high-speed computers. Miners are given payment in bitcoin for their efforts.

Now coming to the main point, how bitcoin works?

Once you have done installing the Bitcoin Wallet either on your computer or your mobile phone, it will create your bitcoin address, and you can also generate more when you need one.

These addresses you can give to your friends, which they will use for paying you or for receiving payment from you. It is very similar to that of email addresses, with the only difference that Bitcoin addresses can be used only once.

Balance management: As we have already discussed, Blockchain is a shared public ledger on which the complete Bitcoin network depends. Each transaction is included in the Blockchain. It facilitates the Bitcoin wallets to determine the spendable balance so that all new transactions can be verified, thereby ensuring the spender owns them.

Transactions: It is a transfer of value between Bitcoin wallets included in the Blockchain. Bitcoin wallets maintain a secret piece of data known as a private key used for signing transactions. It offers proof that they have been procured from the owner’s wallet.

Because of the signature, the transaction is not changed by anyone after it is issued. Every transaction is recorded in the network and starts getting confirmed within 10-2o minutes. The process is called Bitcoin Mining.

Processing: Mining is a dispersed consensus system utilized to confirm all pending transactions by involving them in the Blockchain. It implements a sequential order in the whole Blockchain and gives protection to the impartiality of the network.

For confirmation, all transactions should be packed in a block that suits all cryptographic rules that are again verified by the network. All these rules help in preventing the previous blocks from getting modified because doing so would cancel all succeeding blocks.

Mining also generates the equivalence of competitive lottery that prohibits any person from easily adding new blocks successively to the Blockchain. Because of this, no group and individuals can control what all is involved in the Blockchain or replaces parts of Blockchain for rolling back their spending.

How does bitcoin make money?

The value of bitcoin follows the rule of supply and demand, and because demand rises and falls, there is a lot of instability in the bitcoin price.

Other than bitcoin mining that needs technical expertise and investment in high-performing computers, most people buy bitcoins as a part of currency speculation. Bitcoin trading is highly volatile. It can be known from bitcoin price history.

The factors affecting bitcoin price today have changed after bitcoins evolution as an asset category.

How to store your bitcoins?

You can store your bitcoins in two types of digital wallets, i.e., hot wallets and cold wallets.

  • Hot wallet: Here, the digital currency is deposited in the cloud on a trustworthy exchange or any other provider. It is then accessed using a computer browser, smartphone, or desktop.
  • Cold wallet: It is an encrypted portable device like a thumb drive that facilitates you in downloading and carrying your bitcoins.

Generally, a hot wallet is connected to the internet, and a cold wallet is not. But you require a hot wallet for downloading the bitcoins to the cold wallet.

What are the benefits of buying Bitcoin?

Even though bitcoin is a speculative asset, but you get several benefits when you buy Bitcoin.

  • Private and safe transactions anytime with fewer fees: Once you have bought bitcoins, you can transfer them anytime and anywhere, thereby decreasing the time and expense of any transaction.
  • Transactions do not have personal information such as name or credit card number. So, there is no risk of customer information being stolen for making fake purchases or recognition theft.
  • Bitcoin has a great potential for achieving big growth.
  • Bitcoin offers you the ability to prohibit intermediaries such as banks or any government financial sector.


Bitcoin is gaining popularity and might replace the official currencies. They are also a global currency for which you can use them in all countries without conversion. The Blockchain platform is also secured, making sure your currencies go and come from the right person. Although bitcoin price prediction is difficult, it is a trending currency in the market.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to buy bitcoin?

There are four ways to buy bitcoins, i.e., cryptocurrency exchange, investment brokerages, Bitcoin ATM, and Bitcoin mining. The largest exchange is Coinbase in the US. It trades more than 20 cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one of the unbelievable speculative and volatile purchases. One of the best rules to buy bitcoin is devoting less than 10% of your whole portfolio to individual stocks.

How to mine bitcoin?

Bitcoin mining is done by a computer novice that needs basic software and special hardware. The software needed for mining is easy to use and is open-source. It means it is free to download the software and run it. The miner requires a bitcoin wallet to hold on to what he/she earns.

How to invest in bitcoin?

To invest in bitcoin, you have to follow five basic steps:

  • At first, you have to join a bitcoin exchange.
  • Then obtain a bitcoin wallet.
  • Connect your wallet to the bank account.
  • Start placing your bitcoin order.
  • Manage your bitcoin transactions.
How does bitcoin work?

As we know, a bitcoin is a computer file that is kept on a digital wallet application on any computer or smartphone. People can easily send bitcoins to your wallet, and you can also send them with utmost ease. Each transaction is saved in a public ledger called Blockchain.

Why is bitcoin going up?

The value of bitcoin is going up daily because more and more people are interested in exchanging them for some of the real goods and services and sometimes even for cash. Now the question comes why people want bitcoin? Well! Because people prefer the fact that bitcoin is not under the control of banks or the government. Then all transactions are done anonymously.

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