Blockchain-Based Video Games

Blockchain-Based Video Games
Blockchain-Based Video Games

Blockchain is a kind of technology where a chain of data from different users is stored which is transparent but cannot be changed or deleted. It is one of the safest methods of data storage which makes it impossible for hackers to barge into it.

This technology was once used primarily to store data related to cryptocurrencies but nowadays, it is being greatly used in the gaming world. The main reason behind this is the fact that a game has a marketplace that enables the users to carry out transactions. They can buy things like character skins, weapons, loot boxes, tools, and a lot more! The players may have invested some real-world money in those games but since these games are centralized, they do not really own any of these items that they had bought in the game.

With the introduction of the blockchain in video games, the games became decentralized and the players too started exercising control over the gaming mechanics.

In 2017, a game called CryptoKitties lead the revolution of decentralized crypto games. CryptoKittens allowed the players to buy, sell, and create virtual kittens in the form of NFTs. This means that every virtual kitten became a unique, collectible digital asset, and surprisingly, the rarest of all kittens was sold at $172,000.

This example clarifies the point that the game objects you own are stored in a blockchain system and they can be sold off to gain some real-world cash. These are not only transferable outside the game but you can exchange them for some real-world currency.

Another aspect of this is the large sum of money that goes into the purchase of the in-game requirements. If the assets of one game can be transferred to another, it will be even more beneficial and exciting for the users. Not to forget, the blockchain system will also help to keep track of the purchases made by the players within various games.

Here are some major benefits that the introduction of blockchain will endow upon video games.

  1. Increased Security:

As mentioned earlier, blockchain is one of the most secure methods of storing data. It is nearly impossible for hackers to break into the game and retrieve and misuse data. This security is possible because of the decentralized format and pro-level data encryption measures.

All this makes a safe environment for all parties involved in gaming from the players to the developer and even the owners.

  1. Ownership of Assets

One of the most significant and the most attractive features of a blockchain is that it gives you ownership of the gaming assets that you pay for since it decentralizes the gaming order. This is done through smart contracts which are preset and they help to avoid any discrepancy or disparity. These assets are stored in the public address of the owner without the involvement of any central authority. This ensures that no change can be made in it by anyone except the owner.

  1. Retentivity

The gaming network that you build on the blockchains is not subject to change under any circumstances unless you choose to do so. This very fact makes sure that the game progress, leads, and purchases will not be lost if you download other versions of the game so you can install your favorites video games from any location without putting your gaming experience at risk.

  1. All-Inclusive Gaming Profile

Most gamers are not only restricted to one game on a single platform. When they are involved with different gaming platforms, they also have a different gaming profile for each of them. This makes it a very complicated and messy situation and the gamer often finds it difficult to handle them all individually. With the Blockchain gaming system, the players can create a single integrated gaming profile for themselves that they can access over a range of platforms.

So if all this has made you extremely enthused about video games on blockchain but you are not sure where to begin, we have a list of the top blockchain video game for you that you can begin with.

  1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the king of all blockchain games and has leveled up the use of NFTs. The game is somewhat on the lines of Pokemon but here you have Axies- the digital creatures that will serve as your NFTs. The layers can trade Axies, breed them and prepare them for tournaments to earn rewards. These Axies get stored in the blockchain which makes it very easy for you to trade them in exchange for real-life cash or crypto coins.

  1. Blankos Block Party

This game sparks up your creativity by allowing you to create your own virtual, vinyl toy characters. You can completely customise the design of the characters as well as build and explore virtual worlds. While exploring virtual worlds, players get Blankos through which they can join quests and become a part of a team that is referred to as a Block Party. These Blankos get stored in the blockchains securely and many of the limited edition Blankos have been sold at an extremely high bid.

  1. Upland

Upland is one of the biggest blockchain video games in which players can buy, sell and trade virtual land that is mapped in accordance with the real world. These “Digital landlords” can build property on the virtual lands that they own and in return, they earn UPX coins. Upland has the map of San Francisco and New York city mapped into the game and the sites are linked to the real address. A recent update to the game implemented a property-to-USD beta program. This allows the players to sell properties in exchange for real-life assets

When two crazes blockchain and gaming industry are so well protected and linked through blockchains, it is not even surprising how fast blockchain technology is gaining ground in the blockchain technology in video games.

Experts suggest that the concept of Blockchains and NFTs is perfect to be used in the games because of its liquidity. The fact also remains that since gamers are already very well acquainted with the system of tokens that is a crucial part of most video games, it becomes extremely easy to implement blockchain in video games.

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