Crypto Trading Cards

Crypto Trading Cards
Crypto Trading Cards

Do you remember those crypto trading card you used to collect and trade with your friends when you were young? It was that craze of yours towards a particular Pokémon or a Wrestler or even your favorites basketball player that would lure you to collect those cards.

When everything is getting digitalized, why should trading cards be left behind? This is where the internet has seen a new sensation- NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are a new type of digital asset. from the music industry to sports- all are launching certain NFTs that contain a piece of music, video, picture, or a “card” that gives its right to the owner of that NFT (but it is to be noted here that the copyright is retained by the original owner).

What is Crypto Trading Cards?

Now in a time where crypto-craze is surging every day, crypto trading cards are the new phenomenon that has taken the crypto world by storm. These are digital assets that are linked to a blockchain system to validate its authenticity. This blockchain system verifies that there is no plagiarism and the owner is the only owner of a particular trading card.

Digital trading card fall under the category of NFTs. But it is important to understand that most digital assets can be diluted to get cash or gold or any other real-world asset, but such is not the case with any NFT. The main reason why collectors are going gaga over this scheme is that each Crypto Trading Card is an NFT that is unique and cannot be duplicated under any circumstances. That makes the collector the sole owner of that the digital trading cards.

With the crypto trading cards, you can indulge in playing some crypto trading games. The best part about these is that you do not need a cryptocurrency wallet to play.

  • CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks are one of the most sought-after NFTs in the world. If you want to buy a CryptoPunk, you need to download and transfer Ether to the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet. After this, you can buy, sell, and bid on CryptoPunks and keep building your collection.

  • Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a type of collectible crypto art trading cards which is built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Here, in this game, you need to build strategic decks out of the cards in your collection to fight enemies. Just like the basic trading cards, here too. The characters have a varying degree of attack and defines values- some are more damaging, some are more resilient, and so on!

Once the player moves up a level after defeating the enemy, they are rewarded with in-game currency. The currencies in the game include gold, crystals, and gems, this currency can be used to purchase more cards. Each trading card character can be upgraded or even fused with another card to increase its power. The rule here is that the cards may be fused up to only four times, with one more upgrade to its maximum level. When cards reach the maximum level, they can be converted to blockchain cards, and you can store them as your own digital assets. Though this game can be played for free, you will need to download the Casa Tookan Wallet in order to manage your blockchain cards.

  • Mythereum

Mythereum crypto trading card game are digital assets on the Etherum blockchain that can be traded or sold. To play this, you will have to download the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet. Another way is to use the Portis login of the game so that you get an Ethereum wallet for yourself. Initially, you get free cards when you sign up but you can purchase more cards with Ether. This is a battle-based game where you need to build a strong collection of cards and head to the battlefield to defeat your opponents.

  • Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a digital strategy- cryptocurrency trading cards game based on the theme of the World of Warcraft universe. In this game, you can draw a card to cast spells that will summon minions to defeat your opponent. Mana crystals are replenished for your Hero at the beginning of each turn. For the drawing of cards, there has to be a certain amount of mana crystals in your possession and you need to spend them to draw the card. Your target is to reduce the opposing Hero’s health to zero, and once you do so, the round is won!

  • Blockchain Cuties

On Blockchain Cuties, you can collect, breed, and play with interesting real and fantasy creatures as a part of the game. These Cuties are a part of the battle and they can be armed and levelled up to boost their battle performance. Just like cryptocurrencies are transferred or sold, similarly, the Cuties that you own may be transferred or sold through Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and NEO blockchain contracts.

  • MLB Champions

MLB Champions is another game built on the Ethereum blockchain. To begin playing, you need to purchase your Official Digital Figure of Major League Baseball from the Draft. This figure that you possess earns points based on live MLB games. You can build your roster Game Card up to 22 Figures which will help you to earn more rewards per live game. You can also increase the number of rewards that you earn through digital trading cards nft. For example, in a home run event, the Figure earns even more rewards if the player gets a home run in a game. After every MLB game, you earn “caps” based on the live performance of your figure and these caps can be further used to purchase more Figures.

  • CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is one of the earliest platforms to introduce crypto trading cards. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain where you can buy, breed, and sell unique “CryptoKitties”. Keeping to its name, the blockchain digital assets here are in the form of virtual cats.

In order to start playing CryptoKitties, download the cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask and then transfer Ethereum to it. After this, you will have to create an account to buy your first CryptoKitty. There is an option for you to keep your CryptoKitties in a collection, or breed- Sires for males and Dames for females. The CryptoKitty that you own is 100% yours and you can trade it with others.

Though everyday people are investing fortunes in NFTs, skeptics doubt the real worth of NFTs – digital sports trading cards. The question that they raise is that since NFT is an image, it can be copied and shared endlessly. But you need not fear this when it comes to crypto trading cards because it is the blockchain ledger that keeps it safe!

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