Crypto Trading Games

Crypto Trading Games
Crypto Trading Games

Cryptocurrency! This very word has taken the entire world by storm. But people do have a question and that is, is trading cryptocurrency legal?

People of all ages, from all fields, and from all over the world are investing in cryptocurrency via the trading apps for crypto which according to some experts is the future of trade. It is no longer just an investment or trade but it has now become a sensational trend. Everyone- whether acquainted with the know-how of crypto trading or not- is hopping on to this trend!

But if you hop into the world of crypto without any knowledge of the trends and pressures, you will end up putting your real cash at risk- and you do not want that! Also you must research for the right trading apps for cryptocurrency. This is why a new concept of crypto trading games has been introduced which is getting increasingly popularised among both- crypto newbies and crypto enthusiasts.

Though some of these games also give you an opportunity to put your real money in them, their basic motive is to give you the real feel of the crypto dealings. With a number of challenges and some exclusive trends, you can feel the rush of adrenaline as you progress through these games. The knowledge and experience you gain through these may be also be used by you in real-world crypto dealings. These crypto trading games are specifically called instructive trading simulators and these let the players get a feel of the market and competition where they can practice the basics till they feel confident enough to try their hand in the market.

Crypto Trading Games

  • Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is an app-based game that can be downloaded on your phone. This game allows you to trade with fictional cryptocurrencies that run parallel to real cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The game is kept as real as possible by keeping the same rewards and returns as the real world and the same procedures as the real Bitcoin sites. Even the gaming assets are placed at the same price.

All other players of the game are your competitors in the market and that is what makes this game very thrilling. It also hosts a wide variety of competitions and you earn rewards in the form of fictional bitcoins. These bitcoins can be converted to other fictional cryptocurrencies that you can use to trade within the game.

  • Bitcoin Flip

Another such trading simulator that helps you gain adequate knowledge to thrive in the bitcoin world or even brush up your skills as a pro is Bitcoin Flip. The concept of the crypto trading card game is such that you are given a fictional $10,000 to start with. You need to keep an eye on the market trends and trade accordingly and that is what will cause you profit or loss. Bitcoin Flip provides a safe playground for you to try and make mistakes and grow through them without suffering any monetary harm. If you play this game seriously, you can learn how to analyse the market, predict trends, which trades to carry out and which to hold, and a lot more. All this will help you become a better bitcoin trader in the real world and will give you lots of confidence.

Many trading platforms offer trading bots in real-life and here too, you have an option of assigning your trade to a trading bot. There are quite some platforms that offer this service and one such platform is the Bitcoin Circuit. Once you learn the basics, you can go over tutorials and assign the trading bot to do the trading for you.

All the above-mentioned crypto trading simulator game prepare you for real-world trading wars. You have to use your brains, exercise them and constantly be on your toes! But if you are looking for games to divert you from the stressful market situations and give you a little bit of relaxation, we have another category. These crypto trading game app are based on the crypto trading scheme but they are more laid back with lots of variations, themes, and characters for you to enjoy. Here are some crypto trading games that you can play for fun.

  • Splinterlands

Trading cards will never not be cool and if you are into trading card games, Splinterlands is the one for you. This game has a total of 7 factions offered to you to play with. The key to having a strong deck is to have as many of the 7 factions as possible to get variety. The stronger your deck is, the easier will it be for you to beat your opponents. This game also offers some in-app purchases that can be made through real bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Merge Cats

Merge Cats is another crypto trading game that works along the lines of a number of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin included. You can even make in-app purchases to give you an upper hand by the means of real bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. You will be given daily challenges in Merge Cats- completion of which will credit some fictional bitcoins to your account. The game is quite simple and the crypto factor is what makes it interesting. To put it straight, the main aim of the game is to find matching cats, match them and they will get merged.

  • CryptoPop

You must have definitely played CandyCrush and if you think CandyCrush was addictive, crypto pop is what you would love! Just like you need to match candies in CandyCrush, here the balloons contain the symbols of the popular cryptocurrencies. You need to match the same kind of balloons to proceed in the game. Apart from this, the game also has daily challenges to help you gain some extra fictional crypto coins.

  • CropBytes

CropBytes is a role-playing game that needs you to assume a certain role throughout the game. First of all, you will assume the role of a farmer. As a farmer, your responsibility will be to take care of your crops and once they are ripe, you will harvest them. The product of the harvest has to be taken by you to the other traders online. When you sell the crops, you will be paid in cryptocurrencies and similarly, if you buy something from the other traders, you will have to pay them in the kind of cryptocurrency too.

As the market is booming with the crypto trends, many people do not want FOMO. Playing these games will keep you well acquainted with the trends and terminology of the bitcoin trades. These games will prepare you to dive into the crypto world with experience. If you want to relax after a long trading day and chill with your cryptos, you can also play the fun crypto games and let go of the stress and know more about these top 5 crypto trading apps.

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