Dark Web

Dark Web
Dark Web

Have you ever listened about the word dark web? It is undoubtedly not an abode where you will think of keeping the company information.

Know everything about the dark web here.

Many people might have heard about this dark web in one form or the other. It is a place where many criminal activities occur, but there is a legal side to the dark web.

The story behind the origin of the dark web browser is completely legit and is sometimes linked to the government. But if you are the owner of a renowned business or CEO, your relationship with dark web websites will not be good. It is a wrong signal if any information about your business is found here.

So, it is essential to know the dark web, from where it has come, and what is there in it. Most importantly, you should understand why you should remain away from it?

The dark web explained here

“The dark net is a world of power and freedom: of expression, of creativity, of information, of ideas. Power and freedom endow our creative and our destructive faculties. The dark net magnifies both, making it easier to explore every desire, to act on every dark impulse, to indulge every neurosis.”― Jamie Bartlett

The dark web is mainly one crucial part of the internet. It is that part of the internet that is not included in the major search engines such as Google. For instance, if you search for the best hamburger store in your city, you will not get any results from the dark web.

Instead, this part of the internet mainly involves all kinds of illegal going on. Primarily, it is a marketplace for those things that you should not buy as they are unlawful for selling or buying.

In the year 1990, the dark web started as one way for the US Naval Research Laboratory to hide their online communications. AT that time, the inion router, which is the way for dark web access, was new. Then in the year 2004, Dark webs, Tor software was unrestricted for public use. Since then, it is no more only a Government asset but is the back alley of the internet.

Effect of dark web on Business owners

The dark web is a prospective risk to businesses of all sizes and all industries. It is a danger for all individuals as well. It has been confirmed that more than 60% of all web listings present on the dark web could have a harmful effect on a business. It is because those listings provide individuals searching for the dark web different ways for obtaining things like

  • Consumer data
  • Tips for hacking computers and networks
  • Financial data
  • Operational data
  • Tutorials for cybercrime
  • Espionage services
  • Remotely accessing Trojans
  • Phishing device
  • Intellectual trade secrets
  • Access to credentials.

Are you thinking about how the dark web differs from the deep web or the dark web vs. the deep web? Well! Both the terms are utilized interchangeably, and they are more or less the same thing. But this is not perfect because the deep web means non-indexed pages, and the dark web is both non-indexed and includes all illegal niches.

What is there on the dark web?

Because of Dark web encryption, websites can’t track the geolocation or the IP addresses of the users. And also, it is not possible for the user’s to obtain this information about the website hosts.

This helps the users to do conversation, blogging, and transaction along with file sharing confidentially.

So, all these relevant facilities have made the dark web a hotbed for several kinds of criminal activity and other harmless contents like complicated cryptography puzzles that you would find on the surface web.

As per the research, more than 57% of 2723 dark websites hosts illegal content like

  • Information that is stolen: Some sensitive data like the credit card number, data leaks, personally recognizable information, PayPal accounts, etc.
  • Drugs and other stolen goods: Illegal prescription drugs, Fake passports, stolen goods, counterfeit goods are traded for cryptocurrency on dark webs sites such as silk road,
  • Bad contents: This includes child pornography, human trafficking, guns, and another kind of black market activity.
  • Bitcoin lottery tickets: Some dark web gambling websites also sell tickets in Bitcoin lotteries that might not be real.
  • Terrorist content: ISIL and other such terrorist groups use many real and fake websites.
  • Hacking services: Many hackers sell their service either as an individual or as part of any group.

IN simple words, similar to any surface web, you can also purchase almost anything that you can think of on the dark web.

But the dark web is not all about illegal content. It also contains some good things like Freedom fighters avoid mass surveillance of any oppressive political regime that might choose to use Tor for protecting their recognition.

Now you might be thinking about one crucial question, are dark websites safe?

Like most things, it also depends on several factors. Here are few cybersecurity problems you should take into consideration:

  • Remotely administrating tools: Sites on the dark web can attempt installing an administration tool on your device. This might lead to webcam hijack or even control of your computer.
  • Malware: Like any surface web, those sites on the dark web might install malware or ransomware like Wannacry on your PC. DO not download anything without trust.
  • Hackers: Dark web attracts a lot of hackers because of its anonymity. While some of them are for hiring, others might look for accessing your device.
  • Suspicious links: When you click on some unknown link, you might be taken somewhere you do not want to see or access something illegal.
  • Phishing scams: Phishing through any cloned websites and other scam websites are enormous that is mostly advertised through fraudulent URLs for stealing Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Criminal element: If something is there for sale, that does not imply that it will be sent to you. Several dark websites have been designed for stealing cryptocurrency from you instead of sending what you have purchased.
How can you get dark web access?

Getting access to the dark web is relatively easy than you might have thought. All you need is to download a dark web browser such as Tor browser. When it is installed, it works like a regular browser.

Getting hold of web pages on the darknet is not that easy as surface web. There is no dark web search engine.

Instead, some places collect links for dark websites, such as The Hidden Wiki. But they are not as sophisticated as the traditional search engines.


So, by now you must have a understood about dark web and its importance. They are the non-indexed pages that consist of the large number of illegal information.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Is the dark web safe?

Dark web sites are primarily in association with all kinds of illegal activities but not all. Accessing content on the dark web is predominantly safe but with proper precautions. To get access to the majority of the dark web, you will require Tor. It is a network of volunteer relays using which the user’s internet connection gets routed. The link is fully encrypted, and each traffic bounce among relays located across the world, thereby making the user anonymous.

Why dark web exist?

The fact about the dark web is that besides offering high privacy and protection from the supervision of government authority, it helps in the growing underground marketplace that most sophisticated criminals utilize for trafficking drugs, child pornography, etc.

Why is the dark web dangerous?

The dark web is dangerous because it is a pathway for illegal activities like phishing, malware, criminal elements, and lousy content. If not used carefully, one can get trapped in the hands of hackers or other criminals.

Why is the dark web not banned?

The dark web is the World Web Content that mainly exists on the darknets, overlays networks that use the internet but need specified software, authorization, and configurations for accessing. Through the dark web, all private computer networks can easily communicate and do business anonymously without revealing information.

Can the dark web be used for good?

With dark web monitoring, you can have a significant impact on your business. It gives you protection from all kinds of compliance issues, reputation impacts as well as financial implications.

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