Cryptocurrency is no more an unknown word, specifically today when more and more investors are becoming crazy for investing in these digital currencies. The whole crypto market is highly volatile, which is proved by the recent rise in price and sudden fall.

There are different types of cryptocurrencies, among which the latest are Ethereum, Dogecoin, StopEIon, and Safemoon.

Safemoon is undoubtedly the newest addition which is getting noticed a lot. In March this year, SafeMoon is doing rounds all over the internet. Since its launch, it has seen a spike in price.

Know about SafeMoon

The name SafeMoon means “Safely to the Moon” and it sells as DeFi Token. This getting to the moon phrase was presented with Dogecoin, and now safemoon is also following it.

SafeMoon, launched in March 2021, is a decentralized finance token that is the same as other cryptos like Bitcoin. It keeps an aim in mending the issues like price volatility. As per CoinMarketCap, the currency price of SafeMoon is the US $ 0.000003967, with a market cap of US$ 2.2 billion.

SafeMoon crypto is present on the Blockchain and does not make use of any kind of financial institution or any exchanges as intermediaries. It keeps an aim for promoting peer-to-peer exchange. As per the whitepaper releases, there is a total supply of about one quadrillion tokens. 777 trillion token supply was the fair launch supply, and 223 trillion is burned dev tokens.

John Karoly, the CEO of SafeMoon, leads it, formerly the All source Analyst for the US Department of Defense. SafeMoon CTO is Thomas Smith, who was before serving Goldsmith Blockchain Consulting as CIO. SafeMoon COO is Jach Haines-Davies, who was earlier working in Like And Share LTD, and Ben Philips Media is the Manager as per the LinkedIn profile.

“SafeMoon is the freedom of the unbanked” – John Karony.

How does SafeMoon work?

SafeMoon makes use of a protocol in which they deject the day trading of the coins in order to fix the price volatility. SafeMoon announced a reward for those who hold tokens for a long time. People who sell the tickets get hit by a 10% tax fee on the transactions, and then 5% of this transaction fee is distributed to the existing token holders.

This protocol has been designed in order to decrease the token selling and encouraging its long holding. The whole process makes traders think a lot of time before they sell their tokens, and it also gives an extra advantage to the current holders.

Moreover, the method assists in decreasing the sudden decrease in SafeMoon price caused by the selling of cryptos that leads to price fluctuation and market collapse.

On the website of SafeMoon, it is written, ” Holders earn a passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of SafeMoon grow indefinitely.” The stable RFI rewards make the SafeMoon crypto price stable as well. It implements a manual burn plan instead of digital burns to control the whole supply and enables a rewarding and highly beneficial burn strategy to long-term and achievers.

How can you buy SafeMoon?

The SafeMoon website lists Pancakeswap as the central SafeMoon exchange for buying tokens.

At first, you have to generate a trusted SafeMoon wallet, and then you have to convert BNB to a bright chain through trust wallet and then add SafeMoon. Make use of Pancakeswap for converting Binance Smart Chain to SafeMoon.

After you are done with swapping the whole transaction, your wallet will have SafeMoon. The process of buying SafeMoon tokens is properly described on their official website.

But SafeMoon stock is also risky for investing as it is not under the regulation of any means. It has been compared with the Ponzi scheme as most of the liquidity is owned by a team.

SafeMoon has rejected all these skeptics and mentions its roadmap with high clarity for the whole year. The team aims to incorporate SafeMoon Listing with African Markets and explore other exchanges such as Binance.

SafeMoon crypto price: Is SafeMoon buy worthy?

Like Dogecoin, Safemoon coin price is worth less than Bitcoin or Ethereum per unit, but recently, it has seen a steep rise in price. The SafeMoon coinmarketcap has each token recently at $ 0.00000436, less than its peak of $ 0.000014 in late April. But it is more than its launch value which is $0.000000010 launch value.

Even though it’s not enough to be on the list of the top cryptocurrency performer in terms of market cap, it is attracting the attention of some of the potential investors looking to get involved. Safemoon is cheap other than its selling fee.

SafeMoon price prediction is not easy as it is highly volatile and as per the current evidence, SafeMoon is not that much different from others. Even if its price rises, it still has a risk of steep decline.


The safety of SafeMoon is still a question among most people. If you spend atleast an hour on any online platform that talks about it, you can discover each of the persuasion viewpoints.

Beginner adopters loved it as it grew into some great value. At the same time, some people have no interest in SafeMoon price prediction.

An asset that relies on the fundamentals of supply and demand is highly known to go for. The news about SafeMoon has spread across the world. When more and more people get on the radar, more individuals will make more and more investments.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is safemoon a good investment?

Choosing to invest in SafeMoon is a personal decision that should be made based on how much risk you would like to take. The success of SafeMoon depends on Binance, the SafeMoon team, and whatever community is built around it.

Will safemoon go up?

SafeMoon has gained momentum in recent weeks, but unlike bitcoin and Dogecoin, SafeMoon is a DeFi token rather than a cryptocurrency. According to the SafeMoon website, there are more than two million holders of the currency. Like all cryptocurrencies, investing in DeFi tokens is risky. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, meaning investments can go up and down instantly, as was witnessed on Wednesday with several cryptocurrencies.

Who sells safemoon crypto?

List of Safecoin (SFE) exchanges with the real-time price from where you can buy Safecoin, Sell Safecoin or Trade Safecoin (SFE) from fiat currencies like USD, CAD, INR, EUR, etc. or from cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, MXR, LTC, NEO, etc.

Which exchange has safemoon?

If you would like to know where to buy SafeMoon, the top exchanges for trading in SafeMoon are currently ZBG, BitForex, BHEX (BlueHelix Exchange),, and LBank.

Should I buy safemoon crypto?

SafeMoon meets the lower price qualification. It currently trades for fractions of a cent, meaning you can get over a million Safemoon. If you’re willing to take the risk, then you can buy SafeMoon from one of four crypto exchanges.

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