Top 10 New Technology Trends

Top 10 Technology Trends
Top 10 Technology Trends

The ongoing pandemic Covid 19 fast-tracked digitization and automation, thereby helping companies stay robust even during adversity.

A significant digital revolution is occurring across the world. Invention, suppleness, as well as market development are all speeding up by technological progressions. Most businesses were adopting disorderly technologies and revised their business models.

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” – Tim Berners-Lee

The effect of the pandemic will stay for an extended period of time, and thus, digital transformation will continue. If businesses do not remain at par with the ongoing trends, it will be challenging for them to solve the error. The latest technology will continue to change lives, and the way we operate opens up enormous opportunities for businesses across the world.

Have a look at some of the technological developments so that it is well-known to everyone what to look for, adopt and take with them:

1) AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence has already obtained varied hypes in the last few decades. Still, due to its prominent effect on how we live, working and playing, it is one of the recent technological development.AI is already identified for its dominance in several sectors such as image and speech identification, navigation sector, etc.

Moreover, AI will be further used to analyze interactions to recognize core links and insights. It will assist in forecasting demand for services like hospitals that allow authorities to make enhanced resource use decisions. Not only has that, but also to recognize the growing trend of customer behavior by analyzing real-time data, thereby driving more revenue and enhancing customized experiences.

The AI part of machine learning is now being applied in every sector, thereby generating massive demand for trained professionals. Foresters are now estimating that by 2025, more than 9% of new US jobs will be created AI, automation, and machine learning.

2) Robotic Process Automation

Another recent technology that is automatic work is Robotic Process Automation. Computer software simplifies business processes like analysis of applications, payment services, email replies, and even data handling. RPS makes routine tasks easy. While forester research estimates that RPA automation will threaten the life of 230 million employees or even 9% of the total workforce, RPA is also generating jobs while altering the existing jobs.

3) Edge Computing

Cloud computing has become very common with some major players like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the Google cloud platform leading the market. As most of the companies are moving to cloud solutions, cloud computing reception is increasing. But it is no more an emerging technology, there is the edge.

With the amount of data growing, organizations are recognizing all shortcomings of cloud computing. With edge computing, it is expected to overcome some issues to avoid the delay caused by cloud computing and move data for processing to the data center. Edge computing can be used in the area having minimum to no access to a central location. It acts like mini-data centers.

4) Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is one of the computation methods that takes full benefit of the quantum phenomena like amplitude and quantum predicament, is one of the recent technology trends. Because of its capability to rapidly query, analyze, take action on data, and track, no matter the source, this technology is also used to limit the transmission of coronavirus and develop efficient vaccines. Another sector where quantum computing has its applications in banking and finance, credit risk management, and trading.

5) VR and AR

Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), and Extended reality (ER) is the most recent technology trends. VR mainly denotes the user experience as the environment is enhanced by AR. Even though this current trend in technology has been used for gaming, it is also used for training like VirtualShip. It is expected that more such kinds of technology will be integrated into life by the year 2021.

6) Blockchain

Blockchain offers protection that is useful in various ways. In a simple manner, we will describe Blockchain as something where you can add data but cannot remove or modify. They are consensus-driven, and no single organization can take ownership of the full details. With Blockchain, you don’t have to supervise transactions by a reliable third party. Several sectors are now integrating Blockchain, and demand for perfect practitioners is also rising. A Blockchain expert focuses on creating and executing architecture and solutions by using Blockchain technology from a bird’s eye viewpoint.

7) Internet of things or IoT

It is one of the latest technology. With Wi-Fi connection, various things are now being crafted, which means they can be easily linked to the internet and each other. The Internet of Things is the future, and it has made it possible to communicate and sharing data over the internet using a smartphone, cars, home appliances, etc. After collection and analysis of data, IoT will facilitate security, decision-making, and productivity. It helps in easy monitoring of prevailing conditions and increases customer services.

8) 5G

The subsequent development following IoT is 5G. It will revolutionize human life. Not only that, but also it will revolutionize cloud-dependent gaming services like Google Stadia, NVidia GeForce and many more helping services that depend on the latest technologies such as AR and VR. Several telecommunication companies like Verizon, Tmobile, Nokia Corp are now working in 5G applications.

9) Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity stayed around for a while might not seem like evolving technology, but it is also developing just like other technological trends. Its demand is slowly increasing because of risks of cyberattacks are continuously growing. Cybersecurity remains a trending technology as more and more hackers are there.

10) DevOps

It is a word for the development of enterprise software that has advanced from the development and operations of the term of the life cycle of development of software and is now a part of cloud technology. DevOps will assist in promoting teamwork, automation, and incorporation between the IT operations and developers.


So, these are the ten latest trends in technology that will give a brightest and high-paying career. They are the future of the technology world, and they keep the potential to impact the patterns of work all over the world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It helps businesses to anticipate requirements and meet consumer needs more rapidly and efficiently. Along with that, it assists the dispersed teams to keep better track of the shared documentation. In simple terms, these new technological terms will define the next decade.

The year 2020 has enhanced dependency on technology. Some promising technologies have emerged that lead the way by increasing how customers and business experience use n this digital world. Some of the top trending technologies are AI, cybersecurity, DevOps, VR, AR, etc.

Technology assists in improved communication with consumers. With new technologies being invented, it makes communication very easy as well as simple. Executing those technologies helps your growing business. Consumers are also highly knowledgeable about all advancements in technology.

Why is technology so important?

Technology brings together all tools for promoting development, utilizing and information exchange is its main aim for making your tasks easy and solving various humanity problems. The result of all the latest technologies is helping in saving lives. It enhances work and makes our world a better place to live.

No matter under which industry or department you fall, it’s important to remain aware of all recent technological trends. It is because it enhances your visibility to your customers along with enhancement of opportunities with new ideas and ventures.

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