Top Bitcoin Lottery Apps

Top Bitcoin Lottery Apps
Top Bitcoin Lottery Apps

The Bitcoin Lottery is not unlike the real-universe Lottery in the most magical form. Though there is now some specific range of variations to a game, the bitcoin lottery prize needs you to buy a ticket, which will come with a set of numbers.

Once the game begins, a specific number of numbers will also be randomly drawn. In doing so, you generally stand to win the real- universe prize+ all of that is paid in this Bitcoin. These lottery app games are gaining popularity and setting a promising trend in this arena.

Let’s check the quick example to understand the entire process.

  • You purchase the bitcoin Lottery ticket, which costs the BTC equivalent of $2.
  • Your key typically consists of six numbers, Ranging from 1 to 49.
  • The game begins & randomly draws six numbers- generally ranging from 1 to 49
  • You match every six nets, meaning you will also win the bitcoin jackpot!

In the above-given example, you will see that you can win the main jackpot prize by matching every number of your ticket. An amount provided is usually the percentage of a total ‘pool.’ This pool is also Made up of the specific number of tickets sold.

Top Bitcoin Lottery Apps

  • Fortune Jack Lottery – Bitcoin Lottery Results

The Fortune jack is the firm favourite in an online bitcoin lottery pool, & indeed the best bitcoin Lottery site scene. When the platform does not provide traditional lottery games, this site can deliver the best keno games. Keno is also a different version of Lottery, which utilises the fixed odds instead of the pool systems that depend on another player’s entering.

When the entire method is slightly distinctive, this regulation is stringent & an opportunity to conquer is more in the hand of a player. As the third-party software provider makes this game with the set algorithms, there are numerous hoops they usually require to jump through to get a game approved.

Another benefit that this Fortunejack provides is that unlikely weekly or daily bitcoin lottery game on other platforms, the players can also play as often as they prefer, whenever they choose. Are you ready for something trend? Jump in & take your all chances with the keno-style Lottery of the Fortunejack.

  • Crypto Games Lottery

This is an excellent choice for starters, and this crypto game provides the simple version of the Bitcoin lottery with every security feature you require. This crypto game utilises fair technology with the random picker protocol for the bitcoin lottery legal.

This Lottery game typically works off the pool system, which means there is no limit to a prize pool, and 98.5 per cent of a collection between the players.

The platforms sometimes request a ten to fifteen per cent poll cut, which is a welcome benefit for this particular Bitcoin Lottery site.

This free bitcoin lottery win typically involves 1st, 2nd & 3rd place positioning that will conquer you eighty per cent, fifteen per cent, and five per cent of the prize pool, respectively.

Their Lottery kicks off each Wednesday, and the tickets are cheap. The crypto games also provide blackjack, dice, roulette, video poker, slots, Minesweeper, and Plinko. Still, you can easily navigate to a lottery game & pretend they are not there if required.

  • Lottoland

Millions and Mega Million and essentially offering a bitcoin lottery mining on top of the regular one provided by these companies.

As these numbers are based on real-world lotteries, you won’t need to worry about verifying any results.

  • Duck Dive Lottery – Bitcoin Lottery Online

What can have started as the bitcoin dice platform has also provided one of the best Bitcoin lotteries in the industry. Their game also is provably transparent, assuring your outcome will be hundred per cent clear & also accurate.

Bitcoin of this Duckdice lottery game generally kicks off once a day and provides the prize pool based on the specific number of the sold tickets. Prizes are also broken down into the following:

  1. Matching 3 number typically gets you twenty per cent of a prize pool
  2. Matching 4 numbers also get you thirty per cent of a prize pool
  3. Matching 5 numbers also get you fifty per cent of a prize pool
  4. When two players get the exact numbers, their winning share is also split evenly.
  • 8bet Lottery – Bitcoin Jackpot Lottery

When they have a few slots games & scratch cards, their main Bitcoin lottery runs typically once a day. You can also conquer by matching two numbers, right up to a jackpot-winning six numbers. And if no one cannot win, then the jackpot rolls typically over to the next day.

Also, this 8Bet provides a free lottery game, and the prizes are very much smaller, but this risk will be less in this game- and this is a fantastic feature if you are willing to test out this platform.

  • Greenspin Lottery – How to Win at Bitcoin

Greenspan Casino, generally launched in 2020, is also quickly creating waves in a casino & the lottery world. This casino provides a fantastic user experience, thousands of attractive games, & a bunch of competitive bonuses to keep you coming back again. But the most essential is the particular lottery of them.

In a Greenspan lottery, huge prizes are up for grabs, including the Audi e-torn, engraved watches & the iPhone, among other accolades. The ticket to the participle in the lottery of Green spin costs € 15 and need to have deposited at the Greenspan in very advance.

Advantages of These Top Bitcoin Lotteries?

Here you can get some information about the advantages of playing this Bitcoin Lottery site over the regular one:

This Bitcoin Lottery site is generally fair, which means this site is entirely transparent & also cannot manipulate an outcome. Generally, your winnings are also instantly credited to your specific account.

All these games are online, and you can easily enjoy the lower fees.

There are no located restrictions, as long as online gambling is permitted in your own country.


And this concludes the top best are bitcoin lottery legal, so which one will you try first? All these online casinos listed here provide top-notch games and high security & fair platforms. As we have mentioned above, these Lottery games can sometimes yield the most significant results, so luck is in your corner to know understand how to play bitcoin lottery.

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